State and City Tourism

Official websites of the tourist agencies of:

Official websites of the following City Municipalities:


Lonely Planet offer a good range of books in the area we travelled. The California and Pacific Northwest guides together provide perfect coverage for the four states in which we travelled. If you want an extreme-close-up of the biggest cities (LA, SF and Seattle), then specific guides are also available.





Rough Guides have equally excellent coverage of the West Coast. Their on-line site also has useful city guides on all the cities we visited.


Motel 6 - our favourite for a highly standardised network of motels offering clean rooms with reasonable facilities at an excellent price. Like McDonalds, once you've experienced one, every other will be exactly the same.


Comfort Inn (also Quality Inn) - not as good as Motel 6, as the motels are more variable in quality and price - you never quite know what to expect. But an extensive network, nevertheless.