Off-line viewing

Download for off-line viewing (3.8MB)There's a lot to read and see on Ben and Tim's Excellent adventure, so why don't you download the whole lot all in one go, and then view it at your leisure off-line. To do this, simply download the executable file on the logo to the right. Running this file will unzip the website to a suitable directory (default is C:\BTEA). You can then view the website off-line by clicking on BTEA.HTM from My Computer or Windows Explorer. Happy viewing!


Desktop Wallpaper

Wallpaper to download (1.04MB)Take home these sumptuous scenes of our tour to keep as your desktop wallpaper.

Simply download the zip file by clicking on the collage to the right, then unzip one of more of the images using WinZip or some other zip package to your C:\WINDOWS directory. You can then add any of the images to your desktop as wallpaper through the Start Menu / Settings / Control Panel / Display / Background dialog. Each image is in Windows Bitmap format (.bmp) and is sized at 1024x768 pixels.