Alpha (2002)

The first Nearstars release. A mix of both down-beat and trippy-rhythmic electronica, Alpha explores in texture, melody and rhythm, the story of an epic voyage - the story of Alpha - the first human spacecraft to reach another star.

The tone of this album is principally rhythmic, with some looser cosmic interludes. Interstellar Clear kicks off the CD with an upbeat and joyous tone, while Radio Source eases off with the spacy darkness between the stars. Centauri Probe, the first track I wrote that made it's way onto CD, is a classic EM sequence-heavy Berlin-school piece, whilst Journeyship brings back echoes of the first track, only with shifting time-signatures. The sampler-heavy Beyond Orion is my favourite track, and, like Radio Source is a cosmic piece that develops into a rich, rhythmic finale. The title track Alpha completes the suite with a gentle, but trippy rhythm that signifies journey's end.

Playlist and Downloadable Samples

Interstellar Clear (6:55)
Radio Source (18:04)
Centauri Probe (11:08)
Journeyship (5:17)
Beyond Orion (17:54)
Alpha (10:07)