Minds Over Matter

Minds Over Matter (2003)

The second Nearstars release, Minds Over Matter is a step beyond Alpha, providing richer textures, more mature melody and structure than the first Nearstars release. Minds Over Matter is a journey into the nature of the reality around us, and how we relate to it.

The album was developed using Version 2 of the Reason Virtual Studio, and uses the more advanced digital synthesizers, samplers and vocoders that feature, in order to provide a solid listening experience. Whilst there are two rhythmic tracks on here, Minds Over Matter has a spacier, looser, more cosmic feel than Alpha.

The title track Minds Over Matter that introduces the album, is a three-piece medley beginning with mellotron-rich opening chords before moving into a fast-paced sequencer section and finally settling into the free-form piano and accompanying textures of the main melody. Natural Motion is a short and simple but catchy swinging melodic piece, whilst Time's Arrow is a blend of classical strings, Berlin-school sequences and vocoder samples that defies a genre. n-Dimensional, an epic half-hour soundscape with only the most fleeting rhythms opens with a challenging two-voice fanfare before expanding us into the cosmos, exploring countless textures and sequences which finally settle into in a rich free-form synth finale. After that long journey, we are brought back back home with the joyous Quintessence, a short and sweet rhythmic celebration that rounds out the suite.

Playlist and Downloadable Samples

Minds Over Matter (16:21)
Natural Motion (6:26)
Time's Arrow (13:34)
n-Dimensional (27:58)
Quintessence (4:48)


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