Nearstars in Writing

"There are countless myths and stories from so many worlds in what is now Nearstars space. Many tell of a great cataclysm, a terrible war that caused such a great sundering of this once great civilisation, that all the worlds within became isolated for countless centuries. All of these tales were written before these worlds came into contact with each other once again. If this weren't coincidence enough, then at least some of the myths concur on when such an event happened - around twenty thousand standard years ago."

So tells us, the enigmatic figure known as "X" in my second novel "The World Is Your Prison". The term Nearstars was first coined in this book, which I began writing in 1995, and am only now in process of completing the last few chapters. Nearstars went on to claim a website, domain name and music label, but it will always find its origins within the pages of my epic science-fantasy.

I first put pen to paper (or fingerprint to key) in a serious way just months after graduation in 1992. I evolved an idea of a world of magic and great empires which was connected in time through the lives of the key people upon it. This idea very soon developed into my first full (160,000 words) novel "Beforelives" which I completed in 1994.

I began work on the sequel soon after, but under the influences of the Writer's Group of Celebrity Centre London (which I co-founded with Grant Hudson), I produced six beloved short stories in 1995.

One of these shorts developed into the novel about Nearstars, and indeed this book was 70% complete within 12 months. But, alas, between 1996 and 2006, life, distractions, and moving continents seemed to get in the way of me completing this epic, with barely an extra 20,000 extra words being written in that long period. Or was it just that I had become burned out?  Last year, however, I picked it up again, and with renewed vigor determined to finalise the plot and characterisation in a final burst of madness. First draft was completed in August 2007, and the second draft should be completed by December.

I am already plotting out the next book. It will be my first about Earth, but not in any shape that you'd recognise, as it will be set in the distant future, but not the utopia that we would all wish for. Something has gone terribly wrong. Is it global warming? Wars over religion, oil or water? Or is it to do with a backlash from evil elements hidden amongst the world over the first ascension of human beings to the next. magical, stage in their evolution? Find out as early as 2008, if I work that hard!