Some C#/.NET code yesterday

Design and Development Services

As a Microsoft Developer of more than 5 years experience, I am well versed in the varied technologies required to deliver web and Windows desktop applications. Through my many years of experience I am able to translate the needs and wants of a business into workable, effective solutions that communicate and get the job done efficiently.

My current specialisation is in the development of web and desktop applications using the new Microsoft .NET architecture. .NET is an all-encompassing system of development for programmers familiar with ASP, Java, Visual Basic, C++ or C#, enabling them to develop fully modularised components that can be slotted seamlessly together producing applications for the web, or for the Windows desktop, web services, database back-ends etc.

The list below summarises the skills I have available:

Web Application Development

This website you're looking at is an example of a .NET Web Application. It employs both static visual layout (through HTML) and offers dynamic content, through Active Server Pages and business-logic-encoded programming.

Some other recent web applications I have produced include Call The Watsons and Dealer Capital. Such developments required the bringing together of a myriad of different technologies - web design, business-logic encoding, database design and connectivity, and XML data source reading.

Windows Desktop Application Development

My original forte, learned through many years of experience at software companies and on short-term contracts. Originally I developed Windows applications using Microsoft C++, but with the advent of .NET, found that their new language C# provided equal performance with only half the lines of code required by its ancestor. In developing Windows applications, the skillset required is less broad than that of web applications, but are often more challenging, through the need to multi-thread and deliver high-performance.

Web Design

Producing a web page is easy. Anybody can pick up a copy of FrontPage or Dreamweaver and produce "John's Home Page". But producing a good web design is that much harder. There are many pitfalls to producing attractive, compact web sites with a consistent look and feel. In my web sites I use cascading style sheets version 2 (CSS2) which, in my opinion, are the only way to go in achieving the website holy trinity of compactness, useability and consistency.

Web useability, the quality of a web site being easy to use and navigate, is actually a pretty rare trait amongst the millions of sites available throughout the web. Can you recall the last time you got annoyed with a web site? Probably very recently. I employ many of the web-useability guru Jakob Nielsen's principles in the development of my websites, with the goal of not just making the Internet a happier experience, but meaning that my clients' sites will be liked, and returned to again and again.

Database Design

Most web applications, and many desktop applications these days have the purpose of storing, manipulating and presenting data, and so being able to program is not enough - one has to understand Relational Databasing - the process of storing multiply-linked and cross referenced data. I use Microsoft's SQL Server database technology to integrate data storage logic within my applications.