Developer Links

.NET and C# Coding

Microsoft Developer Network - Microsoft's developers page, including their excellent library of documentation for .NET, C#, VB, Internet and Office development.

The Code Project - Some great utilities, applications and code examples provided by users around the world that you can include or modify for your own .NET and C#/C++ applications. Better than it's rival Code Guru.

Google Groups - C# - When you're really stuck on a development problem, try UseNet, now operated by Google Groups. Somebody usually has run into the same problem as you, and (sometimes) has the answer.

Web Design and Layout

Web Monkey - Some useful tips and tricks on client-side internet development (i.e. javascript, DHTML etc.)

World Wide Web Consortium - Working group that sets and publishes technical standards for the internet. Highly useful for getting the official word on subjects like XHTML and CSS.

A List Apart - Some great articles on website style and design, particularly for CSS lovers like myself.

ColorMatch 5K - A simple but essential utility for getting the right colour combinations on your website design.

Use It - Web useability Guru Jakob Nielsen's website. Essential reading if you don't want your website visitors to murder you with frustration.