Honorable Mention in Writer's of the Future!
My short story "A Gift from the Gods" received an honorable mention in the L.Ron Hubbard Presents Writer's of the Future short story competition! Originally written in 1995, I brushed up the story this year and submitted it for the first time in September 2007. Approximately 30 entrants in each quarter receive such a mention. It is believed there are thousands of applicants for each quarter in this competition.
- Ben, Dec 10

First Draft Complete!
12 years, 506 letter pages and 313,843 words have passed since I began writing the story of The World Is Your Prison. And now it's finally complete! Well, the first draft anyway. Now I have to edit it!
- Ben, Aug 30

Ben J Ranson, Esq.

What is Nearstars?

Nearstars is the imaginary universe, myself, Ben J Ranson. Originally the name of a federation of planets from one of my sci-fi novels, Nearstars has mushroomed into a multimedia monster, into which this site is the gateway.


Hello, Good Evening, and Welcome to the imaginary world of Nearstars, the home page of Ben J Ranson, author, musician and world raconteur.

Where to start?

Well the site is in four main sections:

Ben's Pages - This is my personal webspace. All about me. And then some more of me. Followed by more me. Ok, enough already. Here you will find my latest news, what I'm up to news-wise, some travelogs, some home-grown comedy and my favourite web links.

Fiction - My principal love is writing groundbreaking and intriguing science-fiction and fantasy novels. Read about my first novel, and six short stories I wrote here, and also learn of the upcoming release of my second major work.

Music - This is my electronic music project. I've produced 2 CDs of electronica, and you can download megabytes of samples from these albums before the obligatory online purchase!

Astronomy - A pet project allowing the user to search a catalog of nearby stars online. Provided for the benefit of the astro community.